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The Love of Music St. Louis Magazine - ISSUE 2

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Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc.
The Love of Music St. Louis Magazine - ISSUE 2 - WINTER 2019

An excellent read for anyone with a passion for music of any genre, LOM Magazine is a style and culture publication centered on the arts in and around St. Louis with a focus on the local music industry. Containing interviews ranging from the buskers to the greatest names in music history, the magazine spans the gamut with language easily understood by both the music professional and the casual listener. Highlights include reviews of the latest recordings, band biographies, guides to local culture, tips for music industry advancement and stylish opinions from the St. Louis market. LOM Magazine is the ultimate source for music vibes in St. Louis and an advertising vehicle that offers the business community a way to reach consumers directly with both respect and love: a magazine that will stay in the home.

With distribution of up to 200,000 readers, the LOM Magazine staff is committed to providing upbeat news, the reality of the music scene and inclusion of all musicians without opinionated editorials. Music provides freedom to the soul and we are here to share and help build up a community through good vibes of music, for young and old alike, no matter the style. LOM Magazine is being distributed as physical copies, digital copies, via traditional and non-traditional media outlets, social media, rack pick-ups, local retailers and other distribution methods. LOM Magazine is operated and managed by musicians. Through music we can provide a lot of love, peace and good vibes for all.

Whether you are an opera diva, metal-head, moon-stomper, pop star, cowboy, crust punk, psychobilly, rapper, hip-hopper, lone wolf, producer, music exec, total beginner or you just love music: this pub is for you. LOM Mag will be available to share your music story and make the community aware of what you have to offer. The LOM magazine is published and owned by Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc.

Come and play – the Love of Music Magazine® is for you!
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